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All of the sets an set dec/ props from the TV show In contempt are up for grabs

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2 court rooms, an law office with bullpen, a jail set, an apt set and a hall way court house set. We are asking $4,000 for the set dec trailers and $2,000 for the set trailers. lncluded are two translites We can send floor plans as well
Price for this trailer is $4,000 plus shipping costs to your studio and shipping costs back to the yard where it came from. You will also be responsible to pay rent on the trailer if you plan to hold it. cal

Trailer # Contents License Plate
390257 Flats, very full, INT Courtroom set M93 09L
340645 Set dec, court room
340893 Set dec, props, evidence, furniture
340263 Construction supplies, set flats, glass pieces, set door, court house sign T61 223
398113 Furniture, desks, Gwen Tracy apartment
340285 Court set T34 707
390140 Set Dec, Gwen mattress, wardrobe, court pews
340717 Furniture, Judge office set, fake plumbing
840059 Construction frames for set pieces
893067 Larger set pieces, apartment construction pieces - WARNING Door is leaning on opening, open door slowly
390207 SOLD X57 349
352022 Defenders office sets P52 78K
398101 Rooftop set/ Defenders F47 77K
352024 Courthouse set M17 07R


629 eastern Ave

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