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Any show or individual can post items for sale or give away on this site.You need to be a registered user to post. Click here to set up an account 

Running set sales and auctions for any sized show is what we do best . Click here to see our set sale/ auction page. 

Over 1000 tons of set dec, materials, scenery, and wardrobe move through just our Toronto site every year. These materials that are NOT in a landfill!

Ready Set Recycle is set up to serve the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, New York, London England, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angles, Boston Washington D.C, and Hamilton. Other cities can be added very easily, so if you want a Ready Set Recycle in your city, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All that is needed is for all of you, the showbiz community to start the process by posting. List items that you wish to sell or give away. So when you are on set and you see stuff that at the end of the shoot will be scrapped, take a few pics of it all and post it here with the dates that it will be available. It's that simple, once the cycle begins it will catch on like wildfire in all cities. 

If you are giving items away it is free to post. 

If you want to sell your items, there are 2 payment options.

Option 1: pay a modest 2% of your asking price per ad. Your ad stays active as long as it takes to sell your item.

Option 2: Pay nothing and retain us as your agent. We will get out there and push your items till they sell. After your item is posted on our site, we act as your agent and promote your items till they are sold. We will set up viewings and coordinate with you and the buyer for payment and delivery.

For both options we provide free social media. We may at our discretion ask that the ad be listed by The Octopus Works.


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